A review: Divergent by Veronica Roth


Divergent (Photo credit: prettybooks)

Divergent is another tale of dystopia. And it’s really rather good.
The main character, who is telling you her story, does not introduce herself… you don’t even find out her name ’til page 10… because she is Abnegation and the way of Abnegation is one of selflessness.

The Abnegation dress in gray clothing, they have plain hairstyles, live in plain homes and have quiet, simple lives. They believe in always putting the needs of others first. They keep their mirrors covered, ask few questions and follow a strict set of rules which ensure that their every action, every thought, exists only to benefit others.

It’s a lifestyle with which the MC, Beatrice, struggles to feel comfortable.

Along with Abnegation, there are four other factions into which all of the citizens are divided.

Candor values honesty above all else, and the truth must always be told, no matter how difficult.

Amity values peace and happiness, they strive to find joy in all things.

The Erudite value knowledge, they believe that the best life is one of constant learning.

Dauntless value bravery, and insist on a life of challenge and risk.

At the age of sixteen, each citizen takes a secret aptitude test to determine which of the five factions best suits their nature. After the test comes the choosing ceremony, where each teen declares publicly which faction they will join, where they will stay for the rest of their life.

Beatrice loves her family, but she does not love Abnegation. As she prepares for the aptitude test, she is worried. She does not want to live her life in Abnegation, but she does not want to reject her family. Even the idea that she has a choice causes her distress, would a girl raised Abnegation choose for herself?

There’s a lot more to the story, but I don’t like spoilers.
To find out what happens to Beatrice, and to find out what the title means, you’ll have to read Divergent.

I’d love to pass this book along to my 12yo but she fears all novels which may dilute her love for The Hunger Games.


One thought on “A review: Divergent by Veronica Roth

  1. Yamini says:

    I tried to read Hunger Games but always stopped after a few pages…this one became my favorite very fast though.

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