2013 is looking good!

Since Santa came to my house I’ve been too busy assembling Lego sets, explaining board game rules, and policing the consumption of sugary treats to get back between the pages of a good book.
But I have been quietly looking forward to the return of ‘me’ time because my dear sweet husband gifted me all the Game of Thrones books!

I also intend to reread Inkheart (just because I love it so!) and I have Mary Kole’s Writing Irresistible KidLit to enjoy!

2013 is going to be a very bookie New Year!! Yay!


The Hobbit

My twelve year old daughter just asked if I could get ‘The Hobbit’ for her to read sometime soon.

Part of me is leaping for joy!!!!

The other part of me is narrowing eyes and thinking, why does she not know I already have a copy.

Elf on the Shelf

I first heard about Elf on the Shelf last year via Pinterest.
If you are a pinner or have a loved one who is a pinner, you probably know that there’s crazy stuff and crazy people out there!
So my introduction to this particular brand new Christmas tradition was somewhat tainted by funny little stories like, oh the elf was naughty and left a huge mess all over the kitchen when he baked cookies last night.
Surely (I thought) people have enough to do in the run up to December 25th without inventing stuff for a plastic elf to do each night, especially if that task adds extra work to the next day!
Oh naughty elf, you left little footprints across the bathroom sink! I know I can’t touch you, so we’ll all wash our hands in the kitchen and I’ll clean the bathroom after you leave tonight!

I didn’t think I’d touch this idea with a barge pole.

But then the teacher of my youngest discovered that her elf has decided to visit the first graders in class for a week – and the kids were ECSTATIC!
They hurry around the room each morning as they put their jackets and backpacks away, eager to know where the elf, whose name is Austin, has positioned himself for maximum spying opportunities.

And I found myself in the bookstore this morning, contemplating a purchase.

My seventh grader has offered to be my sidekick. My first grader would be beyond excited to find a visiting elf in her very own house. My boy probably wouldn’t care, but he’s (always) another story (and I mean that in a good way, I think.)

It comes with a book we’d have to sit and read together – and I am ALL promoting reading. Every chance.

The only reason I did not come home with a creepy looking little guy dressed in red felt, was that I’m Scottish… and the price tag made pain shoot right through my DNA.
$30? I could buy three books with that!