A Review: Digital Fortress by Dan Brown

Two stars is rather generous – sorry Mr Brown, I’m a big fan of some of your other novels but this one was clearly not from the same gene pool.
The main problem with this book is that the characters are super spies who work all day and all night making and breaking codes, they are cryptography geniuses and they have a big bloody super computer in a secret underground bunker (long story short: they know how to break codes, yeah?)

BUT – there’s a bad guy that’s about to destroy them all, or the universe, or something and there’s a clue discovered on page 5 (or there abouts) and the good guys spend the ENTIRE book trying to figure out the clue so they can discover the identity of the bad guy and his accomplice and put an end to his evil plans and save the cheerleader and actually anyone who can read above a third grade level can take a second and look at the clue and see exactly what it means.
I’m not usually one to nit pick and yell “Plot Hole!” but there you have it. Seriously.


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