Tales of a Reluctant Reader

I’ve mentioned before that my son, aka The Boy, is not overly fond of reading. He needs to be prompted, prodded, reminded, and reminded again.

So last night when I asked him to get started on his homework and he brought out his class book club packet, my heart sank ever so slightly and a reading fairy took off her wings and grabbed her corkscrew.

He looked over his worksheet and asked me what plot meant.

I explained the definition of plot and he sank to the floor… literally. Metaphorically he dissolved into a puddle of sadness. Now, I know my boy likes to keep his written answers to one or two words, but still this seemed like an over reaction. Why would having to write out the plot be such a big deal?

I looked at the slim chapter book and asked the million dollar question.

Have you read the book?


Reading fairy forgoes the glass and slugs her wine straight from the bottle.


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