A review: Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

My book club picked Gone Girl for our May/June read and impatient reader that I am, I downloaded it onto my Kindle as soon as I got home and I started to read.

Gone Girl is about Amy –  a city girl, only child of older parents who authored a series of books featuring ‘Amazing Amy’ the more perfect version of their actual daughter and Nick – the boy from a tiny blip town in Missouri, who thought he’d made it big as a writer in New York City and then lost his job and had to return to his nowhere town full of anger and regret.

Amy and Nick have been married for five years, but they have not been five happy years. On the morning of their fifth anniversary Amy goes missing, and Nick is the prime suspect.

As the story unfolds we get glimpses into the past from both Nick (his memories) and Amy (her diary.) We track their lives together up until the day Amy disappears and chase after Nick as he tries to move forward from that moment, and we soon realize there are two very different stories here – the one presented to the world, where Nick and Amy met and made each other so happy, they got married and had the perfect life until the recession, job loses and family illness began to strain and damage their relationship – and then there’s the other story where we see the sides of Nick and Amy that they usually keep hidden from the world, where we realize that both MC’s are liars and the marriage was not perfect at all.

I don’t want to give anything away, spoilers suck, so here’s a few notes on what I liked and did not like about Gone Girl.

Like: billed as a thriller with an unexpected twist, yes there are a couple of twists and some will surprise you even though everyone expects there to be twists these days.

Dislike: there are no likeable characters. Seriously, I would have been okay with every single person in the book ending up dead.

Like: Fast paced and easy to read, you can totally get through this in one sitting if you have a couple free hours. I read this in three evenings, and after weeks of Game of Thrones book three, that felt sooooooo good.

Dislike: The ending was a big disappointment. It just went on too long. The twists happen, we figure out the ‘real’ story etc, and then it keeps going, and then there’s another bit, and a couple more pages of blah, blah blah.

Like: The nasty bits were quite original, not just the usual run of the mill stuff,cliche, everyone has already done that rubbish,  actually new-to-me stuff 🙂

Dislike: I felt like there was something hinted at that was then forgotten/edited out. One particular character pops up a couple of times, some incidents that made me think this character would eventually come through with a piece of the puzzle, but that doesn’t happen. He’s there a couple times, and then he’s never mentioned again.. making his appearances seem pointless and irritating.

Overall I give Gone Girl 3/5 stars. It’s a unique story that definitely makes you want to get to the end so you know what happened, but the characters will make your skin crawl.


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