What the kids are reading now

My kids’ school had a book fair last week. Oldest daughter got first chance to go check it out so she begged some cash from me – I always give in when the money will be used for books – so off she went with my dollars.
She didn’t find anything she liked but hadn’t already read, so she passed the money to her brother – he got to go the next day.
After school on the second day The Boy was very excited to show me his purchases. The first item out of his backpack was a cool eraser that looks like a calculator – and my heart sank. I had failed to confirm with him that the money must ONLY be used for books.

But then!
He totally floored me, because he produced not one but TWO books!
He told me that he took some of his pocket money and combined it with the $ from me so he could get more than one book.

Can this be true? My reluctant reader, happily, willingly, spending his own money on books?!

Oh happy day!!!

He bought and subsequently read a Star Wars Jedi training book, and an Adventure Time book – both graphic novels aimed at his age group. Yay!!!

Oldest daughter came shopping with me one evening and found for herself ‘Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children’ by Ransom Riggs – so far the verdict is ‘freaky’ and she loves it.

And last, but never least, my Little One is devouring another fairy book – ‘Fiona the Flute Fairy’ – that she spotted in her school library.


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