Is it fall?

In other news we are now in that wonderful part of the year where each day, every Texan wakes up wondering what season to dress for.
According to the almanac it is officially fall, a term I have just started to accept although I still prefer autumn, and as all Texans (and longterm Texas dwellers) know, this means it could be summer, spring, or winter weather – and it may take a turn at being all three as the day progresses.
I’m not kidding!
Yesterday morning as I took the kids to school it was in the low 50’s – the kids were shivering as they wrapped their fleecy hoodies more tightly around their little bodies. My son had picked out jeans to keep his skinny little legs from turning blue and my oldest daughter was happily wearing a new cozy sweater for the first time. When I picked my gang up at the end of the school day, the sensor in my car listed the outside temperature at 84 degrees and the kids were sweaty and tired, dragging their extra layers behind them.
Today is slated to be the same, but tonight we get a ‘cold front’ which could mean anything from a couple degrees dip in the temps to a full blown freeze your butt off why won’t my thermometer go above 40! wintery spell.
It’s all about layers – and how fast you can put em on and then take em right back off!


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