It’s chilly here in the ATX thanks to an arctic cold front that moved down last week – it reached all the way to the Gulf! I know because I was there, freezing my butt off on the beach.

It’s actually the perfect weather to curl up in the corner of the couch with a blanket, a cup if hot tea, and (of course) a good book. I haven’t had the chance to grab a book this past 11 days though, because I have cousins here visiting me all the way from Bonnie Scotland and we’re too busy doing absolutely everything else we can think of.
We went to the US Grand Prix together out at The Circuit of the Americas (COTA) and had a fantastic weekend sitting on the grassy hill, watching fast cars, and drinking cold beers.
I always cheer for Paul Di Resta because he’s a fellow Scot – we took our Saltire and Lion Rampant flags to wave like dafties. I also cheer for Webber, sad he’s retiring from F1, and my new favourite driver (since Coulthard left F1) that I think has a great career ahead of him, is Romain Grosjean. And I LOVE those black and gold Lotus cars 🙂

The visiting cousins were impressed with our November weather that weekend, I got sunburnt.

Fast forward to the next weekend and we plummeted from sunny 80’s to bone chilling 30’s Brrr! And WTF?

And of course this was the weekend we had booked a trip to the beach 0_o
We went anyway, hoping to beat the cold front as we headed south – unfortunately it got there first and we had to change our plans for Friday. We visited the USS Lexington – an aircraft carrier docked permanently at Corpus Christi and open as a museum. It’s very cool to check it out, there are various self guided tour options and you can see everything from the flight deck to the engine rooms. It was pouring rain when we reached the flight deck, we’re a bit daft so we went out anyway 🙂

Thankfully our condo (shout out to The Sandpiper in Port Aransas) was beautiful, comfortable, fantastic, spacious and warm! And when the rain was gone on Saturday we put on every sweater and jacket, wooly hat and scarf we had remembered to pack and we headed to the beach to build the best sandcastle Little One has ever made in her life 🙂
Our hands were numb, but it was fun and Little One was SO happy.

The weather is still pretending that Texas has an actual winter so we’re shopping and going to the movies. Finally I get to see Gravity!

I get to hang out with my cousins for 7 more days 🙂 and then when my house is quiet I will grab my blanket and my books.


Insurgent and Allegiant

Hey world, it’s my birthday! I don’t make a big deal about my own birthday, hugs and kisses from the kids are the best gifts… chocolate and new books are expected from The Husband 🙂
Even though these days I have to give him a list of titles to make sure he picks one I haven’t already read, it’s still exciting for me to unwrap my new books and see which ones I’ll soon be ignoring the household chores and forgetting about dinner for.

This year I have ‘Insurgent’ and ‘Allegiant’ by Veronica Roth *squeee*

I read Divergent a while back and enjoyed it enough to want the whole trilogy, I can’t wait to get sucked back into Tris’s world. I saw some talk online about fans being very upset by the way it all ends but I managed to avoid any details – I hate spoilers!

I’ll be sure to post my thoughts post-read to the blog.


Imagine Dragons

I am currently obsessed with this Imagine Dragons song

I sincerely hope I do not hear it so much that I become annoyed by it.

Sometimes I try to listen to music while I write, and sometimes I am successful. But when Demons comes on my hands stop moving and I close my eyes, enjoying the music. It’s really bad when it comes on the radio while I’m driving.*

I listened to a bunch of Imagine Dragons tunes about a year ago. I can’t remember how I first came across this alternative rock band from Vegas but I REALLY wanted to like some of their songs because HOW COOL is their name? Imagine Dragons. Yes, yes I do. I imagine them.

*just a joke officer! My hands remain at 10 and 2 and my eyes keep watching the road the whole entire time I am in charge of a motorized vehicle. Pinky Promise.