Imagine Dragons

I am currently obsessed with this Imagine Dragons song

I sincerely hope I do not hear it so much that I become annoyed by it.

Sometimes I try to listen to music while I write, and sometimes I am successful. But when Demons comes on my hands stop moving and I close my eyes, enjoying the music. It’s really bad when it comes on the radio while I’m driving.*

I listened to a bunch of Imagine Dragons tunes about a year ago. I can’t remember how I first came across this alternative rock band from Vegas but I REALLY wanted to like some of their songs because HOW COOL is their name? Imagine Dragons. Yes, yes I do. I imagine them.

*just a joke officer! My hands remain at 10 and 2 and my eyes keep watching the road the whole entire time I am in charge of a motorized vehicle. Pinky Promise.


One thought on “Imagine Dragons

  1. pengwen78 says:

    Following our recent visit we are equally as obsessed!!

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