A review: Inkheart

Finally finished rereading ‘Inkheart’ by Cornelia Funke and it’s still firmly holding on to its place as one of my all time favourite books.
Even the second time around, this story does not disappoint.

‘Inkheart’ is the story of Mo, the book doctor who repairs broken spines and loose pages, and his daughter Meggie, a girl with a treasure chest full of her own favourite books.

Meggie and Mo live in a small cottage filled to the brim with books, they often travel together when Mo has to fix books for people who live far away. Their lives are filled with books, but Mo never reads aloud.

One rainy night a stranger arrives at the door, a stranger named Dustfinger who seems to know her father. Meggie is used to her father packing up his tools and taking her along on a job, but this time it feels like they are running away. Dustfinger is back, keeps calling Mo, Silvertongue, and he insists on going with them.
They head for Aunt Elinor’s house, a relative Meggie doesn’t remember. The house resembles a library with bookshelves floor to ceiling in every room. Mo has a book he doesn’t want to show Meggie, one he asks Elinor to hide, one that Dustfinger seems anxious to get.

Meggie soon finds herself in the kind of adventure she’s only ever read about – and adventures are much more fun when you can turn the page to stop being scared.

Meggie’s father has a secret, when he reads aloud the story comes to life and characters can come out of their books. He used to read to Meggie when she was small, until one night when Dustfinger appeared in the living room, and Meggie’s mum disappeared. Dustfinger wasn’t alone, the bad guy from his story, Capricorn, came too.

Dustfinger is homesick wants to be read back into his book. Capricorn, wants the magician, Mo, to read more of his companions out of the story and into this world, where there is treasure to be stolen and new victims to terrorize.

For nine years Mo has moved his little family of two from place to place, hiding from both Dustfinger and Capricorn. He doesn’t want to read out loud ever again and risk losing Meggie.

‘Inkheart’ is a wonderful book with a main character who spins such magic when he reads that the story comes alive, something which Cornelia Funke also does with her words.

Good guys, bad guys, magic, fairies, adventure, books, more books! A lovely, smart, brave, female character, a lonely, homesick, cowardly, fire breather, an old aunt who values books above people, except when people value her and a villain whose heart is as black as the ink used to write him in to existence.
‘Inkheart’ has everything.


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