Finally getting to read my birthday books!

With the kids back in school I now have a little more reading time, so this week I finally got to start reading ‘Insurgent’ by Veronica Roth!

It’s been sitting on the edge of my desk since November, waiting patiently while I was too busy with visiting family members, Formula One racing, road trips to the beach and the mountains, Thanksgiving, volunteering at school parties, everything that comes with Christmas when there are three kids in the house, play-dates, movies, candy comas (me not the children) and sleeping late (oh I love when I get to do that!!!)

And finally, FINALLY – I pick it up and think ‘oh yeah Tris and Four,  Dauntless, the simulation, oh her parents… so what’s going to happen now?’ and I read a couple pages and then I think ‘crap, I don’t remember these other people… who is Susan? who is Peter? what are the other factions called again? where are they going?’ so I had to go grab my copy of ‘Divergent’ and skim through, reacquainting myself with that world.

So now I’m all ‘Peter GRRR! and Marcus GRRR! and oh Will *sad face* and hmmm Amity? water supply? WHAT’S GOING TO HAPPEN NOW????!!!!

I can’t wait for school pick up time because I go ten minutes early and I sit outside and read. *evil grin*


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