A review: Insurgent by Veronica Roth


I just this minute finished reading ‘Insurgent’ and I was very pleased to have an ending I was not expecting.
‘Insurgent’ begins right where ‘Divergent’ (the first book in the trilogy) left of.
‘Divergent spoilers only ahead*

Tris managed to shut down the simulation – the mind control that turned the Dauntless into an army sent to eradicate Abnegation – but her victory is not sweet. Winning the battle came at a very high price, her parents are dead, her old community torn apart, her new faction damaged and her own self tormented by grief and guilt. Guilt over the choices she had to make.
Driven by an inability to forgive herself, burdened with the consequences of her actions, Tris pushes herself harder than ever before, right to the edge.

‘Insurgent’ is action packed (although a couple times I felt like that was a little repetitive) and Tris is smack in the middle of every fight.

The tension between Tris and Four is etched on every page, as both make decisions that pull them farther apart.

Secrets are revealed, providing more pieces of the puzzle – why did the Erudite attack Abnegation? – but with every part of the answer comes another question, another lie, another level in the conspiracy.

‘Insurgent’ could so easily have been ‘filler’ to pad out the trilogy but there’s so much going on that it holds its own, earning it’s place as a key part of the story.

And the ending, just as the action winds down chaos erupts once more – if you saw that coming you must be Erudite elite.


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