What the kids are reading this spring.

I know a large chunk of the country is still not convinced that winter has ended, but down in Texas the sun is shining and all the plants are alert.

Texas plants: “Must grow leaves and flowers, quickly everyone, before the sun fries us all to a crisp!”

So, anyway, back to the point 😉 this spring the kids are very busy in school with that godawful testing nonsense (I do not support the current education policy on testing.) and so Oldest Daughter is currently without a decent book to read, she doesn’t want to get grabbed by something awesome and not have enough time and energy to really enjoy it.

The Boy has been meandering his way through ‘George Brown Class Clown: Let the Burping Begin’ by Nancy E. KrulikImage

And Little One has fallen head over heels in love with ‘The Magic Puppy’ books by Sue Bentley.


How could anyone not love a book with this guy on the cover??



2 thoughts on “What the kids are reading this spring.

  1. How old is daughter? Everybody should have time to read, there is
    always that half hour before bedtime. What book would she like to read?

    • cobalt714 says:

      Oldest Daughter is almost 14. I agree there is always time to read but she is waiting for the STAAR testing to be over before jumping in to a new one. She doesn’t want to start something so good it will tempt her to stay up late.

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