What I’m reading

I recently unearthed my kindle 🙂 (it tends to get lost behind piles of actual books) and in my excitement at rediscovering this wonder of modern technology I plundered Amazon and made off with THREE shiny new treasures.

What drew my attention to my kindle was actually the fact that I won an ebook by correctly answering a book related question on Twitter! I was SO excited about winning 🙂 got the book delivered to my email account, went hunting for my kindle and then had to ask hubby how to get said book from email to kindle.

(I am NOT the IT guy in this house.)

Hubby told me I just need the cable it came with – ohhhh it had a cable??? I had the cable????

I haven’t found the necessary cable yet. I was bummed that I couldn’t access my winnings immediately so to cheer myself up I bought the 3 other books and jumped around joyfully when they appeared instantly on my little gray screen.

For the next few weeks I will be reading ‘The Good Girl’, ‘The Island Murder’, and ‘The Killer Performer’ all written by indie author and fellow Scot, Sinclair MacLeod.

All three titles are part of the same series ‘The Reluctant Detective’ – the first book in the series goes by this same name.

Reviews to come!


5 thoughts on “What I’m reading

  1. FictionFan says:

    Assuming your Kindle is connected to your wifi, you should be able to e-mail the book file to your Kindle e-mail address – which you will find on the Manage Your Kindle page under Your Account on Amazon via your PC/laptop/tablet. It will probably be thenameyouusetologontoamazon@free.kindle.com. Once the e-mail is received, the book should turn up on your Kindle Books listing (still in Manage Your Kindle) and then you can click to have it delivered to your Kindle by wifi. Switch wifi on on your Kindle first, et voila! It will download as if by magic! No need for cable… 😀

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