What a strange month

April has been very up and down for me and I’m glad it’s coming to an end, although May does not promise to be any smoother.

Everything was great, until the fire nation attacked… oh no wait, that’s my favourite cartoon series not real life.

In the first half of the month I did manage to get through A LOT of what I wanted to do with my WIP. I found two FABULOUS new CP’s to work with and was even invited to take part in a ‘blog hop’ – which got off to a fantastic start for me and then fizzled as I couldn’t find anyone else who wanted to join in with me 😦 

By the middle of April I’d been so under the weather that I actually made an appointment and went to see my doctor – a thing I never do. I much prefer to self medicate with more fluids and rest, but this lethargy just didn’t want to leave. That went horridly because I waited an hour to see her, and then the first thing she said (by way of an apology?) is that it’s easy to run late when people who are actually sick come to see her… which totally made me feel like I was just a hypochondriac time waster and I mumbled about half of the items on my mental list of worries, forgot to ask for a refill on my inhaler, let her drone on about stress and left (fled) feeling worse than when I went in.

And then I got braces.

So that’s been fun.

I remember getting the molds taken when I was about 13 and then never being taken back for any follow up treatment. When I reached 16 and became capable of making those kind of decisions for myself, the combination of dentist going private, me being a broke student, and having an ever-so-slightly huge fear of the dentist ensured that I ran far away from the thought of getting my slightly crooked teeth taken care of.

Fast forward a couple years (okay decades, shut up!) and my wisdom teeth had really made a mess of all my other teeth so husband finally marched me off to the orthodontist. He’s got braces at the moment too. We look a right pair 🙂

I’m actually okay with the braces – but chewing is a thing I wont take for granted ever again 🙂


We had a house guest for a few weeks. Old friend who needed to get away from it all. I let hubby run around and do cool ‘guy things’ with his best buddy and they had a blast together – even let me join in on some of the fun, so I now have a new hobby – disc golf. The extra stuff really kept me away from the computer though, so the great progress on my WIP ground to a halt. I miss the good energy from everyone being in good spirits with our friend here. I know hubby has slumped into the back-to-the-grind feeling, having to go back to work after his mini-vacation of having all the fun.

I need some energy, some motivation. I need a real job and a vacation.

I’ll have to settle for some mini-eggs and getting back to that WIP.




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