Never ending story the remake. Aka my to-do list.

Sometimes it feels like I run around in circles getting a lot and nothing done.
Today I took a mental break and actually sat down to watch the last 10 minutes of a TV show I’ve been streaming and listening to, while doing the chores. The dog kept looking at me like ‘for real? We’re staying in one place for a bit?’

I have read a couple books that I need to review for my blog.
I have read more of my CP’s story that I need to make notes and email her about.
I need to touch base with a couple of friends.
I have to call my parents.
I have to pick up my ‘packet’ for a 5k color run that I’m running (ha!) with my oldest this weekend.
I have to sort and put away the Ben Nevis of laundry.

I swear I’ve been busy getting things done, but I still have this unwieldy to-do list I’m too tired to even finish typing up!

To-do lists suck. I keep making them and scowling at them. But I love when I get through them.
I need the to-do list fairy to come pick up the slack.


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