Farewell Mr. Rickman, and thank you.

Sadness hit me with a physical force this morning. I had grabbed my phone to see what was happening in the world while I sat down with my cup of tea, ready to enjoy my 15 minutes of quiet before the kids got up for school.

And then I read “RIP Alan Rickman.”

No. I mean, NO! No way. That can’t be true, it must be one of those stupid internet hoaxes or simply a mistake.  So I went looking for an explanation, something to disprove this ridiculous claim. But all I found was more of the same and I felt cold, and my heart became a heavy weight in my chest.

By all accounts Alan Rickman was an amazing talent and a wonderful human being. He will be missed by many, in all corners of the world. He played great roles in film and on stage, and no doubt there will be many tributes to his life and work.

This is mine:

He was one of my favorite actors. I first came across Mr Alan Rickman in Die Hard, where he played the role of the main bad guy, Hans Gruber, to perfection. I LOVED his voice, his facial expressions, his eyes. I wanted him to be the bad guy in EVERYTHING.

Many years later, when I heard that Alan Rickman had been cast as Snape in the Harry Potter films I shrieked with joy! YES! I LOVE ALAN RICKMAN!

Of course, like all book lovers, I worried that the movie would not live up to my expectations, that it would not gel with what I had conjured inside my head whilst pouring over the pages, devouring each chapter of that brilliant story. But I knew Alan Rickman was going to be good, and I was not wrong. He wasn’t just good. He wasn’t just amazing. He was Snape.

I’m sad that he’s gone.





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