Rock to the left of me, hard place to the right.

I recently reconnected with an old friend, someone I met through a moms group when I was very new at the mom thing. I met lots of people with same age kids back then, some of them I liked a lot – this lady was one firmly in that category. 

But I had issues with the mom group (I’ll just say clique and leave it at that) and it felt like freedom to walk away, unfortunately I didn’t manage to keep in touch with many of the friends I had made there – it was pre-Facebook.

I haven’t spoken with this friend in more than ten years, but through a mutual friend we got back in touch and I discovered that this friend has an amazing life story (from before I met her) which she has recently written a book about. I found her on Facebook and we messaged and as a supportive friend, I bought her book.

I have been reading the book.

I have not been enjoying the book.

As a supportive friend I would love to give a great review and help promote my friend – but I can’t. I know I’m going to have to give feedback, she knows I bought the book, no doubt she will ask my thoughts when we chat again. 

Hello rock, hello hard place, let me try to get comfortable.