Go-gurt rant

The kids and I have been on summer break for so long that I have officially lost my mind. Things that would usually not even be on my radar are suddenly very important because there’s too many kids in the house for too many days.

It has come to my attention that Yoplait have teamed up with Disney Pixar and are now advertising ‘Finding Dory’ on the go-gurt packaging.

It’s cute, it’s colorful, it catches the eye of small children who then must beg and plead because they NEED to have the go-gurt with the picture of Dory.

I’m cool with that. If you’re gonna eat weird sugary yogurt from a plastic bag, why not get the one advertising the big summer movie?

We buy the go-gurt. My kid is happy.

We take the go-gurt home. My kid is happy.

I tell her she can eat a go-gurt while I’m making her lunch. My kid is happy.

There’s a joke on the go-gurt wrapper. My kid is happy.

My kid reads the joke aloud. My kid is happy.

I think up two stupid answers to the joke which are bound to be completely wrong. My kid is happy.

My kid excitedly looks for the real answer to the joke. It’s not where she thought it would be. My kid spends more time looking for the punchline to the joke than it took to go to the store, put the go-gurt in the cart, pay for the go-gurt, drive home, load the go-gurt into the fridge, decide to get one back out to eat immediately, cut open the wrapper  and eat the go-gurt.

There is no answer to the joke.

I look at the box. I look at a handful of the other go-gurts. I cut open the wrapper and completely wash it clean, searching for the punchline. There is no answer to the joke.

My kid is not happy.

I’m going to have to assume that the answer to the question “why did the diver bring a telescope underwater?” is “to find the answer to this bloody joke.”


Book Review: The Husband’s Secret

I went to NYC over Memorial Day weekend and spent a wonderful 3 days trekking around the city.

At JFK airport waiting for my flight home to Austin, I headed off in search of crisps (potato chips) and instead bought myself a book – ‘The Husband’s Secret’ by Liane Moriarty. 

I started reading while waiting at the gate for my plane to board and it pulled me immediately. 

‘The Husband’s Secret’ is a wonderful tale of what lies beneath the surface of the lives we present to the world.

 Happily married mother-of-three, Cecilia Fitzpatrick has her life completely worked out. She runs a successful business and manages her family life with grace and precision, and still finds time not to just be involved in the affairs of her small community but to play an important role in all school, church and civic events.

One evening, while her husband is out of town on business, Cecilia finds a letter amongst some old receipts. The envelope is addressed to her, to be opened only after her husband’s death. Should she open it? 

John-Paul Fitzpatrick has a secret, one he has kept for many years. If anyone found out his whole life, the life he has worked so hard for, would be turned completely upside down. One emotional night he confessed this secret in a letter he intended to be read only after his death. He had forgotten about the letter until his wife discovered it in an old box in the attic.

The letter will change everything, the repercussions will spread out to touch many other lives.

‘The Husband’s Secret’ is a juicy tale of love, lies and life. The characters are people you know, their day to day struggles so very real. The impossible situations they find themselves in, so painfully easy to envision.

Well written, with good measures of humor and drama. I will happily recommend this fast paced read to all my book loving friends, and to some random strangers.