Online book club

This year I joined my first ever virtual book club.

An old friend shared an article with a list of books and the subsequent chatter among her friend group led to the creation of an online book club.

My friend created a page on FB for the book club and invited anyone interested in reading from the aforementioned list of books, to join.

One book selected each month, a new thread to discuss each book at the end of the month – all the fun of reading and chatting about books without the hassle of finding an available evening in everyone’s varied schedules.

I loved the idea! The book list looked FABULOUS and so I joined enthusiastically.

The initial discussion on which book to read first illuminated a strange problem – half of the book group had read the article and scrolled down, down, down to the list of books attached at the bottom while the other half (of which I was a member) had clicked on a link at the beginning of the article and been whisked off to a new page and AN ENTIRELY DIFFERENT LIST OF BOOKS! *theatrical gasp*

Once the issue was sorted out, and the correct list shared via a pinned post that all could easily access without accidentally going astray, we all agreed to stay in the group and read the books.

I’ve had mixed success with the list so far, the last one – which I downloaded on to my Kindle – I had such a hard time getting in to, I actually gave up and haven’t been back to check on the book clubs discussion or find out what this months book is supposed to be 😦 I don’t like giving up on books, but I don’t like forcing myself to slog through something if it’s never going to get better.