Go-gurt rant

The kids and I have been on summer break for so long that I have officially lost my mind. Things that would usually not even be on my radar are suddenly very important because there’s too many kids in the house for too many days.

It has come to my attention that Yoplait have teamed up with Disney Pixar and are now advertising ‘Finding Dory’ on the go-gurt packaging.

It’s cute, it’s colorful, it catches the eye of small children who then must beg and plead because they NEED to have the go-gurt with the picture of Dory.

I’m cool with that. If you’re gonna eat weird sugary yogurt from a plastic bag, why not get the one advertising the big summer movie?

We buy the go-gurt. My kid is happy.

We take the go-gurt home. My kid is happy.

I tell her she can eat a go-gurt while I’m making her lunch. My kid is happy.

There’s a joke on the go-gurt wrapper. My kid is happy.

My kid reads the joke aloud. My kid is happy.

I think up two stupid answers to the joke which are bound to be completely wrong. My kid is happy.

My kid excitedly looks for the real answer to the joke. It’s not where she thought it would be. My kid spends more time looking for the punchline to the joke than it took to go to the store, put the go-gurt in the cart, pay for the go-gurt, drive home, load the go-gurt into the fridge, decide to get one back out to eat immediately, cut open the wrapper  and eat the go-gurt.

There is no answer to the joke.

I look at the box. I look at a handful of the other go-gurts. I cut open the wrapper and completely wash it clean, searching for the punchline. There is no answer to the joke.

My kid is not happy.

I’m going to have to assume that the answer to the question “why did the diver bring a telescope underwater?” is “to find the answer to this bloody joke.”


What the Little One and I are reading.

Last school year Little One’s teacher read “Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief” aloud to the class and then they had a Blue Party to celebrate getting through the entire novel.

As a result Little One has been obsessed with Percy Jackson ever since 🙂 so for her birthday this summer I bought her the Percy Jackson and the Olympians boxed set.

I hoped she would love this gift and enjoy all the other stories in the series. She surprised me by wanting to read the first book again because I hadn’t read it and she wanted to share the fun with me. What a cool kid!

Through the start of the new school year, we read Percy together in 20 minute chunks every day – that’s the required amount of reading homework for her grade – but occasionally we’d manage a little bit more, especially on rainy weekends.

She also had ‘Gregor The Overlander’ to read for her class reading group – which she occasionally read aloud to me. I encouraged this, but honestly it kind of addled my brain to have her reading two different books to me at the same time.

When we finished ‘The Lightning Thief’ I thought Little One would want to take a break. I thought the boxed set might sit and gather dust now, the initial fascination over, joining all those unread Rainbow Fairy books in the crammed bookshelf.

But instead Little One demanded an immediate start to Book Two! So together we read ‘Percy Jackson and The Sea of Monsters’ and not just in 20 minute bursts. Little One would read to me while I brushed her hair, and when I made her breakfast. She would hand the book to me while she ate, and again when she had to brush her teeth. She asked for my company while she took her bath, so I could continue the story 🙂 and she read to me while I drove her home from school.

She is LOVING these books!

We sped through book two and last night started book three, ‘Percy Jackson and The Titan’s Curse.’

Thank you Rick Riordan, we have a winner!

Little One just noticed that one of the shelves on MY bookcase contains the first three ‘Heroes of Olympus’ novels – I think I’m going to have to share.

To the library…

I am a little embarrassed to admit that I have not been to my local library in years and so when I took the kids last week to help stimulate their brains, I had to renew my card.

And then I looked around and the shelving had totally changed – which was kind of cool, yay new shelves! And kind of wha? because there was more empty space than books.
Hopefully the lack of available titles is because so many other local parents had already stocked up their kid’s reading lists.

Oldest Daughter was off at drivers ed class (omg omg no no no she’s a baby what madness is this??!!) so she didn’t get a book 😦

Boy didn’t see anything that caught his attention, but almost frothed at the mouth when I pointed out a super cool looking Zorro graphic novel.

Little One picked out a cute picture book and I wanted to hit her over the head with it because despite her nickname she is NOT little enough to stick with picture books – but reading is reading so – she brought home the very pretty and entertaining ‘Chester’ by Ayano Imai.

And I couldn’t walk out of there with nothing for me, so I have ‘Jellicoe Road’ by Melina Marchetta – which so far I am finding to be disjointed and confusing.

What the kids picked at the book store.

Since it was International Children’s Book Day just the other day, I took the kids shopping and let them pick out some new reading supplies, here’s what they chose:

Moody Teen Daughter  (yes, she has been renamed for today to suit her demeanor) – done with school testing for the next two weeks, said she couldn’t wait to get her hands on ‘The Maze Runner’ by James Dashner but when we got inside the store and she started browsing the shelves she couldn’t resist picking up books 1 and 2 of the Pretty Little Liars series by Sara Shepherd. She has plans to go back this weekend with her own money and buy books 3 and 4, and also ‘The Maze Runner’

Moody Teen Daughter also recommended ‘The Giver’ by Lois Lowry – having read this one in school she is desperate for me to read it too.

The Boy With The Basketball (renamed due to his current obsession with dribbling that black and yellow sphere) – was the first one of the three to BEG for a second book when I had only promised them one each. How could I say no to that? He picked out ‘My Life as a Joke’ by Janet Tashjian and also ‘Art2-D2’s Guide to Folding and Doodling’ by Tom Angelberger which is part of the hugely popular Origami Yoda series. (I felt slightly conned by the second one.)

And Not So Little One (because she keeps growing taller!) – was hoping to pick up ‘The Trouble With Chickens’ by Doreen Cronin but it wasn’t in stock *sad face* but then the nice lady ordered it for us *happy face* and then Little had the HUGE task of choosing between a Rainbow Fairies, A Magic Puppy, or *gasp* other magical animal books!!?? As she flit from shelf to shelf it was all a bit too much, how could she possibly choose? (esp. with two older siblings breathing down her neck that they were ready to go, and wasn’t it dinner time?)

Finally she pulled a complete surprise, finding a shadowy unknown across on the other side of the reading table and talked a mile a minute about how good ‘Ever After High: The Story Book of Legends’ by Shannon Hale is SURE to be.

And the reading started the minute they were back in the car.

What the kids are reading this spring.

I know a large chunk of the country is still not convinced that winter has ended, but down in Texas the sun is shining and all the plants are alert.

Texas plants: “Must grow leaves and flowers, quickly everyone, before the sun fries us all to a crisp!”

So, anyway, back to the point 😉 this spring the kids are very busy in school with that godawful testing nonsense (I do not support the current education policy on testing.) and so Oldest Daughter is currently without a decent book to read, she doesn’t want to get grabbed by something awesome and not have enough time and energy to really enjoy it.

The Boy has been meandering his way through ‘George Brown Class Clown: Let the Burping Begin’ by Nancy E. KrulikImage

And Little One has fallen head over heels in love with ‘The Magic Puppy’ books by Sue Bentley.


How could anyone not love a book with this guy on the cover??