Ah, February

The month that positively drips sentimentality.

The stores are filled with bright pink and red, cards and stuffed bears and candy hearts.Roses and chocolates and every type of candy repackaged for this most special of occasions – mid February!

Red, and pink, and hearts galore!

If you don’t buy armloads of crap then you don’t really love your GF/BF/DH/DW/SO, right?

And little kids at school, you can’t let anyone’s feelings get hurt, so each kid has to bring in a treat for every one of their classmates, and at the end of the day they all go home with a box full of junk… erm I mean, heartfelt notes of love and adoration (attached to lollipops.)

Enough candy to give you diabetes = I love you

Okay, so maybe I’m a bit grinchy when it comes to the big V day – but I just don’t see what’s romantic about buying the same crap as everyone else, and on a specific day determined by…. actually who decided this? Saint Valentine supposedly died on Feb. 14th but I’m not sure why that symbolizes love, I think he was beheaded.

I don’t celebrate Valentines Day, I don’t see the point.

My people know I love them each and every day, and not because I give them ugly stuffed animals and heart shaped food. Because I tell them. I say “I love you” and they say “yeah, yeah we know.”

and THAT…the fact that they know, that fills my actual heart with joy.



(I do help my kids decorate valentine boxes and send them to school with cards and treats for their classmates.)