Past Lives

Related to my “More than meets the eye” post from yesterday.. here’s a story to get the little hairs on the back of your neck sticking up.

When my oldest child was just a wee little thing she was quite accomplished for her age. She could walk at 10 months, she could make things with play-doh without trying to eat it by 18 months, she liked to paint, and she had a good enough vocabulary to carry on a conversation with an adult before age 2.

So one day, as I’m making her snack of cheese cubes and lunch meat spirals, she’s chatting away happily about this, that, and the other, and she says to me, in her little tiny girl voice “Mama, before I was (her first name)….”

and I stop what I am doing and think hmmm.. where is THIS going?

and she continues “I was a soldier on a hill and I had a horse.”

and I say “Before you were (her first name)?”

and she says “Yes.”

and I say “So, you’re (her name) now, but you used to be someone else?”

and she says “Yes.”

and I say “Okay then.”

All very matter of fact, no grin as she waits for me to realize the joke… just, before she was who she is now… and my brain went Woooah!! Wait a minute.. back up a second here! My two year old thinks she had a life before this one??

So I racked my brain, thinking through every book we’d read together, every show and movie we’d snuggled in to watch, every minute of the News that had been on while she was not asleep, every person she had come in contact with in the recent past… and I couldn’t think of a single incident which would have planted the idea of a previous life.

Mind Blown.