It’s Really Spring!

Anyone who has ever spent time in Texas in what is traditionally known as Spring, will know that we don’t always get real spring weather.

While our winters are usually scoffed at by those states/countries who freeze their butts off for weeks/months on end, we do have a cold season and have been known to see our thermometers drop below zero on occasion. Texans either scamble to find hats and gloves or bask in the glorious opportunity to wear cozy sweaters and scarfs for an entire day without breaking out in a sweat. But we also whine about icy roads because our state can’t cope (we don’t grit our roads), we don’t have actual winter coats, and we’re not used to the pain of defrosting ears and noses – what horror is this, the very air attacks my face!
But as soon as the winter weather eases off we play the enjoy-the-outdoors-as-much-as-possible game because we know we’re about to wake up one morning to full on Texas Summer, despite the calendar clearly stating that it’s supposed to be spring.

Summer can start as early as March. No I’m not exaggerating. The sun remembers Texas exists and tries to kill it. Kill it dead. Burn baby burn.

But every so often, we get to enjoy spring, and it’s lovely. It rains, things grow, and stepping outside we discover that “fresh air” is a real thing.

I can leave my windows open and my house does not become an oven!

I can take my dog to run about outside after lunch without requiring a cool bath and an IV!

The kids can play outside, even AFTER school! We can bike or go to the park!

I can actually pause as I  walk to the car, and chat with my friend for more than 48 seconds without needing to wipe the sweat from my eyes!

I love spring! Spring is good!

Oh wait, I forgot about my allergies.


Groundhog Day

Apparently Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow this morning, predicting six more weeks of winter.
Yesterday it was 79 degrees in Austin, Texas and we all spent the afternoon outside, today the high is 40 degrees. Last Tuesday we had freezing rain that pretty much closed down half the city, but Monday was kinda nice out. If the Texas weather keeps yo-yo-ing like this it’s going to take six months to get through our six more weeks of winter!

We didn’t have animals predicting the weather in Scotland. I don’t know how we knew when winter would be over… oh wait it’s Scotland, the seasons are all the same over there anyway.

And yes, discussing the weather makes me feel like an old person.

Is it fall?

In other news we are now in that wonderful part of the year where each day, every Texan wakes up wondering what season to dress for.
According to the almanac it is officially fall, a term I have just started to accept although I still prefer autumn, and as all Texans (and longterm Texas dwellers) know, this means it could be summer, spring, or winter weather – and it may take a turn at being all three as the day progresses.
I’m not kidding!
Yesterday morning as I took the kids to school it was in the low 50’s – the kids were shivering as they wrapped their fleecy hoodies more tightly around their little bodies. My son had picked out jeans to keep his skinny little legs from turning blue and my oldest daughter was happily wearing a new cozy sweater for the first time. When I picked my gang up at the end of the school day, the sensor in my car listed the outside temperature at 84 degrees and the kids were sweaty and tired, dragging their extra layers behind them.
Today is slated to be the same, but tonight we get a ‘cold front’ which could mean anything from a couple degrees dip in the temps to a full blown freeze your butt off why won’t my thermometer go above 40! wintery spell.
It’s all about layers – and how fast you can put em on and then take em right back off!