Spring Break and stuff

I have been so busy being a mom this past week that I almost forgot to be me, and do all the me things that I love and adore and obsess over – such as taking care of my blog, updating my Pinterest boards, watching my favorite TV shows, visiting my friends, having long hot baths and walking.

I love walking, I was so excited when I started following Michael Moore on Twitter and realised that every so often he says he’s going for a walk and invites everyone to walk with him – I was disappointed when I realised that he’s never heading out on a walk when it’s convenient for me *sigh* so inconsiderate.

So anyways, this past week my small people have been home from school and I have been trying to keep them entertained. For five of the nine days I was parenting solo and boy, can I tell you I’m feeling so blessed that I don’t need to do that 365! My hat is off to all those mums and dads out there who parent solo and retain some small threads of sanity.

We have played board games, made arts and crafts, went outside with bikes and to draw with chalk, made cupcakes, ate ice cream, planted flowers and vegetables, played Wii games, watched movies, had sleepovers and built forts – it has been wonderful! We also spent a morning at the second hand book store, loading up on some good stuff for when we (me) needed a little quiet time and so while the kiddos were busy with Flat Stanley and The Uglies I managed to get through A Clash of Kings, the second book in the Game of Thrones series 😀  It’s just as awesome as the first one.

I also have a small stack of other titles added to my list of what to read next, I’m excited to get on with it.. the hard part is deciding which one to read first… and if it’s possible for me  to take a book on the trail with me later and not trip over anything/anyone.