Groundhog Day

Apparently Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow this morning, predicting six more weeks of winter.
Yesterday it was 79 degrees in Austin, Texas and we all spent the afternoon outside, today the high is 40 degrees. Last Tuesday we had freezing rain that pretty much closed down half the city, but Monday was kinda nice out. If the Texas weather keeps yo-yo-ing like this it’s going to take six months to get through our six more weeks of winter!

We didn’t have animals predicting the weather in Scotland. I don’t know how we knew when winter would be over… oh wait it’s Scotland, the seasons are all the same over there anyway.

And yes, discussing the weather makes me feel like an old person.


Polar Vortex

Seriously, who makes up the names for these weather phenomena? It’s cold weather, coming down from the north, freezing the butts off Americans in all but one state!

How’s it going over there Hawaii? Yeah, you’re laughing now but just wait ’til… uh… okay you’re Hawaii you’re awesome, never mind.

Today was the kids first day back at school after their winter break and it was also the coldest darn day in Austin since 1970 something. I had to get out of MY bed and crank the heating before the kids would get up, yeah who cranks the heating for me huh?

As punishment for having to be the first one awake and cold, I made the kids listen to me tell them how cold it was when I was a kid. We didn’t have any of that fancy double-glazing – we had one sheet of glass on our windows and in winter the ice on the inside was extra insulation, and we liked it that way! And central heating? We didn’t have that in my house ’til I was six years old! We had to freeze our butts off getting dressed in chilly rooms before huddling around a coal fire!*

You need me to heat the car up before I drive you to school? Back in my day I walked to school, with ice pellets blasting the backs of my bare legs because the school uniform was a knee length skirt and my tights were still wet from the day before!

Seriously though, my Texas born kids are not used to this wintery stuff and I don’t know how the northern states are coping with their crazy low temperatures this week – I hope everyone stays warm as best they can and safe.


*Dear Mum, I’m sorry I never appreciated the fact that you had to wake up earlier than us kids in a much colder house to get that coal fire going. Thank you for not letting me freeze.